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Valuable Commercial Sites 
· C++ Report. (SIGS Publications) is the single most useful journal I know of. Watch for my new column, beginning May 1998!
· Microsoft's Visual C++ page is a terrific source of information about the leading vendor of C++ development tools 
· Sun's Java site is the official home of news and information about Java. 
· C++ Frequently Asked Questions is the on-line version of the FAQ for the comp.lang.c++ newsgroup 
· Java Frequently Asked Questions newsgroup is the on-line version 
· from the comp.lang.c++.moderated news group  ftp server of discussions provides the FAQ and archived documents 
· Available C++ Libraries FAQ is a compilation of information about C++ libraries 
· The Standard Template Library is an online compendium of information on the STL 
· 1997 C++ ANSI Public Review Document

Resources and Links 
· Cetus has many links to object oriented programming related sites. 
· An excellent source of online material on C++ is the C++ Virtual Library. 
· A site with many links to other C++ sources is C++ Resources