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Beer Is My Life! What's the best brewery in the world? Beer connoisseur Richard Steuven took over six years to find the perfect beer. He rates thousands of beers and brew pubs he has visited in the U.S. and around the world.
Beer Drinkers of America  Consumer orgainization for beer drinkers.
breWorld Covers all aspects of homebrewing, microbrewing and the beer industry in Europe and the United States.
The Decadent Beer Page  Download recipes and beer labels from Ventura County's resource for homebrewing. Plus links to major beer sites of interest.
The Great Beer Guide  Brewing magazines, news groups, recipes and personal beer pages.
Hopunion  A complete list of U.S. domestic and imported hop varities and characteristics.
International Brewers Guild  International organization dedicated to education and training in the brewing industry.
The Real Beer Page Complete guide to homebrew and craft-beer from experts in the brewing industry. Also a list of beer festivals, homebrew competitions, beer tastings, beer tours, recipes and more.
Virtual Beer Machine  Interact with several beers. The beer machine tells you the taste quality, color and bitterness of each beer. Requires a shockwave plugin.

Moonshine, distilling and making whiskey.
Red Train Micro Brewery

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      Streets of New York is a family owned restaurant company that began with a single location opening in 1976
      Shark's Tooth Beer Company

     Alternative Beverage - beermaking, winemaking homepage
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     The Keg Works - Your complete draft beer home equipment source!
      General Brewing Instructions
      WiseChoice Homebrewing You have made a .. We enjoy a good glass of homemade wine or glass of homemade beer every now and then. Better when we made
        the brew ourselves and know the ingredients. Here are some of our favorite recipes and some tips to set up for a brewing...
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    Homebrew Favorites
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    Cask Brewing Systems; brew on premises u-brew beer information
     Brewery Brewery: a world-wide web server dedicated to providing a comprehensive, high quality, collection of information about the art and science of
    brewing beer.
     The Pro Brewer Page   The ProBrewer page is the most extensive resource for brewers and the beer industry that
                                 you will find anywhere. We have designed this  site to assist you in communicating and
                                 interacting with others in your industry, and have  provided tools and research materials which will
                                 assist you in your brewing activities.
     BrewingTechniques - New complete  archive of  troubleshooter articles added.(02-26-98)
     Southern Draft Brew News
      Real Beer Page Canada
      RCB Equipment
      Freshops - Selling whole hops and hop plants (rhizome) to home  brewers for 15 years
      Oaken Barrel Brewing Company Greenwood, Indiana (02-10-98)
      BEERWeekTM - You've Made It
       A Strange Brew: Home Brewing HOMEBREWING. [Home] [Contents] [Reviews] [Homebrew] [Brewers] [Oddbits] [Trivia] [Merchandise] [Ordering] Calling all Homebrewers
        East Coast Brewing Brew Pots  East Coast Brewing Brew Pots. BREW POTS. Enamel coated pots are ideal for brewing beer. They are; economical, can handle the worts acidity, which  aluminum
       National Home Brew Day Brewing Demonstrations   Silicon Valley Sudsers Presents: National Home Brew Day Brewing Demonstrations. What: Brewing demonstrations of various types of equipment and recipes for.
       Coopers Home Brew - Brewing Hints
       Institute For Brewing Studies' Brew On Premise Index   Additions can be e-mailed to Please call ahead before visiting any Brew on Premise. Countries: United States and Territories. Canada..
       Tim's Home Brew - Brewing Method   Making the Brew. The easy bit. Put a kettle on with about 1/2 to 1 litre of water in it (see Temperature Control, below). Fill the kitchen sink with hot..
       Pro Brew Brewing 101   Brewing 101 An Introduction to the Art of Homebrewing. Class. Date. Time. Location. Subject. Brewing 102 for intermediate and advanced brewers.
        U-BREW-It Home Brewing Beer & Wine Supply   Welcome to U-BREW-IT! Your leader in home brewing, beer & wine supplies. Back to Home Page ... BOOKS. Order# Item Description. Characteristics.  Price...
        Brewing Beer at a Brew On Premise
        virtual postcards beer brewing microbrewery home brew virtual postcards beer Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse. Michigan's Premier Microbrew. Discuss Beer in our beer forum, or send virtual beer to your friends, family and whoever.
       Yankee Brew News, October/November 1996 - Brewing History: When Cider Was King October/November 1996 Home ] [ Features ] [ Homebrewer's Corner ] [ Reviews ] [ What's Brewing ] [ Advertisers ] [ Breaking News ] [ Search ] [ Subscribe
       Handouts:Advanced Brewing using the Brew House kits Advanced Brewing with The Brew House kits. The Brew House Beer Kit is an entirely new concept in homebrewing. Until now, homemade beer has come  from...
       Test Your Brew IQ! Play the GABF Brewing Trivia Game GABF On-Line. Attending Breweries & Beers. The Winners! Chat with Brewing Experts. Test Your "Brew I.Q." Virtual GABF Postcards. GABF...
       Institute For Brewing Studies' Canada Brew On Premise List   Brew on Premise List. (Return to Brew on Premise Index) London. Brewhaven Beer & Wine. Brewpub. Microbrewery. 820 Wharncliff Road S Unit 24  London N6J2N4..
       Institute For Brewing Studies' Colorado USA Brew On Premise List   Colorado Brew on Premise List. (Return to Brew on Premise Index) Boulder. Beer Store, The-You Brew It. Brewpub. 637 S Broadway Unit U Boulder, CO 80303..
       Northern Brew Systems - Specializing in Brewing Equipment  At Northern Brew Systems we provide high quality Microbreweries, Brewpubs, Brew-on-Premise Facilities and Wine equipment. We also design and  manufacture
       Alan Pugsley and Pugsley's Brewing Projects International - Brew School - Brew Pugsley's Brewing Projects International designs and installs superior microbrew beer brewing equipment and systems in brewpubs, breweries, bars and
       CYBER SHOPPING NETWORK - GOURMET FOODS & BEVERAGES - Home Brewing Kits & Beer Shopping catalog, offering a rich environment to browse, evaluate and place orders. Includes home brewing kits.
     Cask Brewing Systems Inc. Brew on Premises, microbrewery and brewpub specialists. Cask Brewing Systems Inc. offers brewing hardware, ingredients and service to commercial brewers
       Clint's Brewing Page This is the ultimate site on the web for information on brewing.
      Yankee Brew News: October/November 1997
       The Beer Recipator - Home Formulate beer recipes online using your browser. Choose from a database of recipes submitted by other homebrewers.
       Beer Expedition (tm) - Florida Breweries : Boynton Beach  A good beer's not hard to find, you just have to know where to look. We'll help! The traveler's guide to finding the best beer while in the USA and
       Help Finding a Web Site
       The Ultimate Internet Beer Guide  We are your source for beer information on the Web.
       The Ultimate Internet Beer Guide - Beer Software, Screen Savers and files for Mac and Windows platforms
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